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Most Stock “double humpheads flow in the range of 202 cfm intake and 141 cfm on the exhaust, in the typical lift of a average muscle car era race cam, where valve lift rarely exceeded .550 higher lift and increased duration adds little to flow, mild port work and a multi angle valve job by a skilled & experienced port work job can generally increase peak flow to the.

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Feb 22, 2020 · Trick Flow developed the solution to your problem – the new DHC 200 cylinder heads. Patterned after Trick Flow’s popular DHC 175 as-cast heads, the DHC 200 heads also have the exterior touches like straight spark plug holes and raised markings on the ends that you’d expect from OE heads. But on the inside, it’s all CNC-ported goodness..

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Further revision again increased the small-block V8's displacement, this time to 327 cubic-inches. The 327ci V8 produced 350 HP and 358 lb-ft of torque when equipped with GM's Rochester fuel injection system. Then, in 1969, the GM 327ci V8 was stroked to 3.48-inches, thereby increasing the engine's displacement to 350 cubic inches. Here's before and after of double hump heads. FROM THE FACTORY, double hump heads with the 1.94/1.5 valves had the stock cast finish inside the combustion chamber, as below. FROM THE FACTORY, if double hump heads had 2.02/1.6 valves installed, the chamber wall NEXT to the intake valve was relieved as below. If a set of 1.94 heads is opened up.

Are these the desired double hump heads? I will try to post pic later. 09-02-2006, 12:21 PM #2: woodridge. Senior Member . Join Date: Feb 2005 ... They earned their reputation as being good back in the days when there was little aftermarket competition for performance cylinder heads and before the the tens of thousands of man hours of research. Cylinder Heads Chevrolet Double Hump Casting Number 8890462 $400.00 View Item Details 1967 Small Block Chevy Sbc 327 2.021.60 Hi Performance Hump Head 3890462 462 $450.00 View Item Details Acura Tsx 2.4l I4 2006 Gasoline Petrol Engine Motor Cylinder Head Factory $323.55 View Item Details.

PAIR SBC Small Block Chev 350 Cylinder heads by DRP 196cc 23°+64cc Alloy STRAIGHT Plug. Add to Cart. $1,999.56. or 4 payments of $499.89 with Info. SKU: DRP-SBC200-A-SFT.

327 double hump heads on a 350 small block - Hot Rod Forum. Oct 20, 2000 · I have a chance to buy a 400 small block chevy out of a 69 station wagon that was rebuilt as a stock short block (but with stock bore) and a completely rebuilt set of z28 double hump heads with a rhodes valvetrain. ATI PERFORMANCE Harmonic Balancer, Super Damper, External Balance, Steel, Black 289, 302, 351C, 351M, 351W, 400. Price: $369.95 ATI SUPER DAMPER 289-302-351W ZERO BALANCE ... RPM AIR GAP 351-C INTAKE DESIGNED FOR EDELBROCK 351C HEADS BUT WILL WORK ON FACTORY 351C 2V HEADS. Price: $539.95 CYLINDER HEAD GASKET 351C FEL PRO ,EACH. Double hump heads, no accessory holes 160 cc runners: 302/327/350: 3782461x: 64cc: 1.94: 1.50: 1960-63: Double hump heads, no accessory holes 172 intake runners: 283/327:.

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, This is a true Bel Air. It has the best of the best old school drive train. 1968 327 C.U. with double hump power pack heads, muncie rock crusher close ratio 4 speed, heavy duty performance clutch, New Interior, vintage air, New Torque Thrust II Polish Aluminum Mags , New bumpers and bumperettes, comes with an additional rear end with 4:11 gears, also disc brakes in the.

Race Recondition: $300 Complete recondition of cylinder heads with a Serdi cut valve job, surface mill, cleaning, inspection, re-assembly and new valve seals installed.. Competition valve job: $175 A must for improved flow.Includes a multi-angle or radius Serdi cut valve job on both heads. Flow testing: $75 Flow testing of one intake and exhaust- performed on our custom built bench at 28" of.

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I have a set of matching numbers double hump heads came off a 327 early 67 model. red tembang kratom; obsolete homelite chainsaw parts; walmart playlist today; 2013 gmc terrain engine power reduced; mustang club of america membership card; netapp aff c190 installation guide; white melamine sheets. A far better cylinder head was the "double-hump" production head for mid-1960s 327 engines that came with 2.02? intake valves, 1.60? exhaust valves, 160 cc intake ports and 64 cc combustion chambers. ... Aftermarket heads are purpose-built heads designed for specific kinds of performance applications. That means port volumes, port locations.

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I have a set of double hump heads,the casting # ends in 041x which come from a 69 Camaro. I plan on using these on my El Camino that has a 350 bored .30.

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Chevy 350 Remanufactured Engines. Quick View. 3L has a maximum power capability of 220 HP. The " double hump " or "fuelie" heads have been around since the 1960's. We have the largest variety of in-stock remanufactured engines in Texas. With 30+ years of engineering experience and a trusted machining process, our technicians bring these engines.

Mar 24, 2012 · Feb 20, 2012. 4. jeff city MO. i have a 355 with flat top pistons running 882 heads with a lunati 213/219 duration .454/.468 cam edelbrock preformer eps and a 600 cfm edelbrock carb all in a 80 camaro the engine runs strong but i recently aquired a set of 461 double hump heads they have a 3 angle valve job and screw in studs i know the swap .... Complete w/ stainless steel valves. 2.250 x 1.880 w/ comp cams double... 2 new BB/C Pro Filer 385X racing heads. CNC ported w/ 5 angle valve job. $3795. Complete w/ Brodix Severe Duty 2.375... 2 Brodix BB1 square port complete heads. 280 cc ports. Heads come with 5 angle valve job. Heads have been port matched. Old School Small Block Chevy 350 vs LS1 Comparison. 350. Cylinder Heads & Parts. SBC. Follow Us on Flipboard. Previous. Next.

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The bigger heads to follow were the "double-hump" heads championed by the mid-'60s 327 engines. The easiest way to reference any production head is with the last three digits of its casting number. The most famous heads are the 461 and 462 heads that offer 160-cc intake ports, 64-cc chambers, and 2.02/1.60-inch valve sizes.

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The casting number on each head is 3927186. This casting is known as a "camel hump" or "camel back" head due to the double humps cast into the ends of the head. The camel hump heads were reserved for the higher performance Small Block Chevy. Double hump heads also came with 1.94" valves.

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Original Camel Hump Heads. I just finished up machining two sets of heads for a customer replicating camel hump heads for a Camaro restoration. He wanted high performance heads that looked just like the originals. I machined the logos off and then machined the inset by hand around a 3/8" thick steel guide. After the rough machining was.

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Made from premium grade, lightweight A356-T61 aluminum, DHC 175 heads feature the exterior styling and straight spark plug holes that deliver the nostalgic appearance of the original factory performance 186, 291, 461, 462 "double hump" or "camel back" castings that customers want. 60cc CNC-profiled combustion chambers combined with a state of.

They don't have hardened exhaust seats so many won't live past 10K miles with good springs on unleaded unless you install hardened seats. Seats+guides+valves+springs+porting=$$ There's so many good heads available these days both aftermarket and G.M. vortec style that it's getting really hard to justify rebuilding a set of these.

We have many different LS available; 241, 799, 243 and 821 stock castings as well as some aftermarket castings. Send in your heads! Small Block Chevy V8. We have so many CNC programs for many different SBC castings, valve angles, valve sizes and racing applications. Simply send in your heads.

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These are the famous "double hump" cylinder heads that initially found their way onto the high performance engines (302ci/327ci/350ci) in 1966 and 1967. Two versions were made for the 327 and 350 engines, one with a larger valve package (2.02/1.60), and the other with a smaller (1.94/1.50) set of valves.